Pastor Thom Braun is the lead pastor at New Hope. In 1975 a shy young man with a boatload of hurt encountered the power and love of a radical Father God, and the world has never been the same since. Today you will find that same slightly-less-young man boldly proclaiming the life-changing power of God in sermons, seminars, and Starbucks all over the region. A gifted communicator, Pastor Thom has a unique ability to teach the ways and words of God with passion and authenticity, while employing a shocking number of Monty Python references. He has dedicated his life to creating a church environment that equips and launches perpetual generations for radical service to Christ. Thankfully, occasionally he also sleeps – which gives the rest of us a chance to catch up.

Thom’s graduate and post graduate studies in Theology have taken him from Miami to Winnipeg and ’virtual’ California in a variety of denominational streams. He has planted 3 churches, travelled 4 continents, and been witness to the transformation of countless lives and families since entering ministry in 1975. He has given leadership to NHCN since its beginning in 2002. Thom and his wife Elaine have successfully launched their first set of 2 kids, and are now working on the second set.