Matt Keith has been working in various ministries for over 15 years. You’ll find Matt wondering the halls at New Hope looking for the next project to be completed or working with our wonderful Volunteers. Before joining New Hope in March of 2019, Matt had taken a year off from vocational ministry to work in Tech support to focus in on seeking God’s leading for him and his family. Previous to this He had pastored at a local church, was an assistant pastor at a church plant and spent four years as a teacher at a Christian school in Nova Scotia.

With a B.A. in Religious studies from Kingswood University Matt has spent the last several years following God and applying his passion for teaching truth and investing in people for the Kingdom. Matt has two young children with his wonderful wife, Terra. Together they love to invest where there is a need.

Always looking for unique ways to reach into the culture, Matt spends his spare time co-hosting a podcast about life, God and video games, engaging in long conversations about the latest movies and games or reading the latest tech news.