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Where We Meet

Come join us at New Hope as we worship God! New Hope is a family of believers that aspires to love God and live like Jesus. Our purpose is to be close to God and our mission is to make New Hope a safe place to know, love and serve Jesus.

We have three amazing worship services that take place each week at Thursday at 7:00pm for our "Live Audience" Recording and Sunday at 8:30am, 10am, and 11:30am . Please let us know you are coming here . We like to wear jeans on Sundays...and Mondays...and Tuesdays...boy, we really like jeans.

We hope you join us this Sunday! If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to email us at See you again soon!

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New Hope Church Niagara
2360 First St. Louth
St. Catharines, ON

1 Service Thursday @ 7:00 pm "Live Audience" Recording
2 Services Every Sunday @ 8:30am, 10am, and 11:30am