Life Groups

Life... Sometimes it's great, other times... not so much. One minute everything just seems to fall into place, and in the next, it all falls apart! But one thing is for sure, life just keeps going... So why don't we live it together?

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In our Lifegroups we make it a priority to support each other. We walk with each other through life's struggles, and we celebrate with each other in life's victories. We pray for one another, encourage each other, ask the hard questions and cheer each other on in our relationship with Christ. Why not join us? Find out how truly amazing it is to have a community of friends surrounding you and your family, ready to do life with you!

We have groups gathering at various times of the week in various locations across the Niagara Peninsula.  Life groups running now include:

ALPHA. . . a safe place to begin your life group adventure.

Groups of 8 - 12 people meet weekly to take in an intriguing video talk followed by a discussion.  At each session, people enjoy great food, laughter and learning in a fun and friendly atmosphere where no question about life or God is seen as too simple or too hostile.  So . . . what's your question?

CC22 . . .a safe place for high-school grads . . .

. . . who are pursuing post-secondary education or a first career or just trying to figure out what's next for them.  Come, connect with others on the same journey.  Fun, food, friends, faith . . . without your little brother.

YOUNG ADULTS . . . a safe place for 20-somethings . . .

. . . to make new friends, explore their faith, and get the support they need for the journey ahead.

DIGGING DEEPER . . .a safe place for people who want to grow in their relationship with God and others.

Groups of 8 - 12 gather each week to take what they heard in the Sunday talk to the next level - personal application.  They encourage each other, care for each other and cheer each other on in their journey of faith.  Its 'rubber meets the road' stuff. Its iron sharpening iron.  Its fun, it gets intense, but its always real.  All are welcome.

THEMED GROUPS . . . marriage, parenting, finances

People with a common interest or stage of life gather to see what God has to say about the topic and how they can encourage each other on the journey.


Various study groups meet during the week to learn how to understand the Bible or to explore a faith topic in a safe, supportive environment. Contact us for a current list of groups offered.


Pepperoni sticks, cars and conversations about Jesus. A safe place for guys to be guys; for those who are tired of the ‘normal’ life and are ready to do whatever it takes to enjoy the full life God has for them.


Join other women from all walks of life who are together pursuing a deeper relationship with God, their families, and community. Women keeping it real and relevant.

For more information about Lifegroups, including a complete list of times and locations, please or call 905 684 2444.